Humla Trek Update!


After touching down in Kathmandu for less than 48 hours, the nine of us along with 8 other missionaries apart of Iris Nepal team headed straight into a two week outreach to an unreached village in the depths of the Himalaya mountains. All to say that without the grace of God this wouldn’t have been possible.

September 27
we arrived in Nepal after 40+ hours of traveling. Once we landed we were picked up by our contacts and headed to our home. We chilled there for an hour or so before heading to the children’s home for a time of worship with the kids. There is something about childlike faith and there’s nothing better than seeing faces of beautiful children crying out to Abba. During the worship time the children ranging from 5-15 years old came and laid hands on each of us and prayed for us. It was such an incredible time and The Lord met us even in our tiredness of traveling for two days! After that it was a ride home then hitting the beds for a full nights rest.

September 28
We slept in and walked to Joel and Tammy’s house for an amazing breakfast and to meet about the outreach we were about to embark on. After we ate we had a great time of worship and prayer for the outreach and getting more of Gods heart and vision for what these weeks will look like. We spent the afternoon in Tammel shopping for any trekking gear we needed before heading back to the house to pack and get to bed.

September 29
We woke up early walked to the bus stop and waited to be picked up for an intense 13 hour bus ride to the city of Nepalgumj . At the bus stop our outreach began as we prayed for a lady with stomach pain and headache. She was healed all glory to God! A man who was still feeling the affects of being drunk talked with a few guys on our team and after prayer and being healed of a headache, we gave him a Bible and he walked away with joy. Immediately, we see him showing a friend across the street the Bible we’d just given to him. The bus arrive a few hours later and we were on our way. To give you an idea of the bus ride imagine you are in a popcorn maker and you are being bounced around constantly, hitting your head on the ceiling…that’s about what it felt like for the entire time. Praise The Lord no one got sick, but it was one crazy bus ride. That night we made it to a hotel where we all crashed because we had an early morning the next day.

September 30
Today we got to a very legit Nepali airport where we waited to board the sketchiest plane to fly us through the Himalaya mountains to a city called Simkot. Once we made it through the riggous security and custom checks (we signed our name on a piece of paper and they put a tag on our bags) we headed to the lobby where we worshipped before heading out. The plane arrived and we headed outside to the board it. The 16 passenger plane didn’t look like it could fly empty let alone 17 people plus heavy backpacks. We all squeezed in, they shut to doors, started the engine, and some began to fervently pray for safety! About half way through the plane ride our translator, Gonga, said that there was a rainbow surrounding our planes shadow in the clouds. We called it the glory cloud, and it was a clear sign that God had His hand around this plane and that we were indeed doing just what He wanted us to be doing. After that we all felt much better and more at peace about our current situation. The rest of the flight was just seeing beautiful, breathtaking views of the mountains, rivers, villages scattered throughout the Himalaya mountains. There is no way to describe the beauty of what we saw during that 45 minute flight…God creation is unbelievable!

We landed in Simkot and were greeted by Tika (our guide to Darma, also a believer) and the pastor from Simkot. They fed us lunch and gave us apples and we then began our trekk through the mountains. We first thought the trekk would be a good two days of trekking, but soon after we left we were informed it would take us three days not two. Soon after that the three day hike became a four day hike. Thankfully we weren’t relying on our own strength to be enough, but the strength of The Lord came upon us and He carried us through the mountains.

September 30- October 3
The trekk was very intense rocky trails, vigous hills, scary sides of cliffs, amazing log bridges over rushing water, swinging bridges between mountains, occasional flat land are some of the scenes we conquered daily. The grace of God was covering us the entire time, His hand was upon each of us, protecting us, guiding each step.

During those four days we had the privilege of praying over different groups of Nepalis that we ran into. One time that was such a divine appointment from The Lord was when we took a break for water and began to worship on the side of the mountain. Before we knew it there was a crowd of people watching us, and they came closer as we continued to sing praises to our Father. We ended up praying for healing headaches and stomachaches. After everyone we prayed for was healed we handed out some bibles and blessed them as we continued on our journey.

Another amazing testimony was when we stayed at a village the third night of trekking. There was a boy who was born deaf and mute. After prayer and more prayer he was able to hear and say a few words! Praise The Lord!! God is already beginning to do amazing things and change the lives of so many of His children.

The last day of our trekk was one of the hardest if not the hardest thing all of us had ever done. After trekking for a solid 7 hours or so, we reached the bottom of a mountain, and the village of Darma was at the top of that mountain. We began a 2 hour up hill trekk. There were parts that we were climbing dirt and gravel at 85 degrees. It would not have been possible to climb this without The Lord. Thankfully God is so faithful, and there isn’t anything He can not do, that He got all 17 of us up that mountain to the village where we would spend the next 6 days and 5 nights spreading the Gospel to people who have never heard the name Jesus.

Days in the Village October 4-9
Each day in the village was a little different, but everyday we spent time in the morning worshipping on top of the mountain. As we would worship people would gather around, and then we would begin to pray for the sick. So many healings came from our worship times. It was awesome to see how God moved in this place. After a few hours we would spend time together, just the nine of us and have team time to check in and see what God was doing in each of our lives. Somedays we would do different things to help harvest or clean around the village. Every night we would show the Jesus film, which is a video that goes through the Gospel of Luke, or the Passion of the Christ in different villages. After the video Gonga would preach the Gospel, ask those who want to pray the sinners prayer to raise their hands and accept Jesus as their savior! Then we would begin to pray for those needing healing. There are so many testimonies of people being healed of headaches, stomachaches, blind eyes being able to see, deaf ears starting to hear for the first time, boys who speech impediments able to say his name without a problem! It was so clear to all of us how much God loved His children in Humla. What a privilege and honor that God choose the 17 of us to bring the best news to a region that’s never been told the Truth.

October 9-12
We began the 4 day trek back early Tuesday morning and everyone was in great spirits after seeing how God moved the through this region the past 6 days! Joy was on our lips, the strength of The Lord was carrying us back up and down the mountains. Again God’s grace was surrounding our group, keeping everyone safe and sane during the entire trek. Adventure filled the nights while we worked our way back to Simkot…Two of the four nights people slept on rooftops under the most amazing sky admiring the beautiful stars! People slept in rooms crawling with spiders, fighting with rats and mice, but all had grateful attitudes for a place to sleep! (Until a mice crawls on your face, we have grace to freak out a bit!) When we made it back to Simkot on Friday morning we spent the day relaxing and resting from the strenuous trekk. That night we had the opportunity to have a church strive with the small church of about 15 that is in that village. We went upstairs into an upper room and worshipped in both Nepali and English. Joel shared from his heart about loving one another and everything we do should be rooted in love or else it’s pointless. 1 Cor. 13:1-3. It was an encouraging message for the church, but also spoke straight to our hearts because it applies to everything we do must be in love. After the message we moved into a time of prayer for the church and the presence of God was so strong in that room, it will forever be in our hearts. The faith of the people was so genuine and they had such a hunger to know more and know God deeper. Even though it was meant to be encouraging to them, it has had a lasting impact on our team members!

Humla and the people we’ve met in our time there will always have a mark on our hearts. That region is on the verge of rival, and what a blessing to be apart of seeing the first fruits. Thank you for your prayers while we were in Humla. Please continue to keep these people in your prayers because God really is moving through the Himalayas!!

Blassings from the Faather,
Team Nepal